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Available in Pacific Mall Food Court 2nd Floor, by the seating area, we bring you the Popular Hawaiian chain serving high quality Matcha Ice Cream, Lattes, and more!

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About Us

Matcha Cafe Maiko opened its first store in Hawaii with the goal of providing customers high quality matcha with the authentic taste. After expanding into San Francisco, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Seattle and more, we are excited to introduce the first Toronto, Ontario location coming soon to Pacific Mall!

High Quality Matcha

We focus on quality first and all the Matcha used to make our products is imported directly from Japan, ensuring only the finest ingredients used to make delicious treats for you!

Authentic Taste

Renowned, top notch quality taste, starts first with our Matcha and continues with our high attention to detail during the making of each product which is produced in house to ensure satisfaction for everyone.

Natural Ingredients

Sourced from natural ingredients, you can enjoy premium Matcha leaf and rest assured that everything is natural, and made in house with quality as a top priority.

Unique Matcha Experience

Our matcha is like no other.


Tasty Matcha Treats Straight from Japan

We source the finest quality matcha straight from Japan, serving you only the best in powder that is shade-grown for three to four weeks before harvest with stems and veins removed during the processing to give you delicious matcha powder, free of impurities and rich in antioxidants. 

Made In House

All our products are made "in house" ensuring the highest quality experience and a taste like no other. We take pride in delivering top quality desserts and sweets, and understand that it takes time and care to produce beautiful treats in house, in a way no factory can.

Our Matcha has a unique aroma described as a "great smell" and beautifully rich.

Proven to be a staple for many foodies and dessert lovers, our outstanding taste has carried the Matcha Cafe Maiko brand around the world, expanding to many locations from our humble beginnings in Hawaii.

Matcha originating from powder form containts 137 times more antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea, providing you with more nutrients of the leaf and giving you powerful health benefits in your everyday diet.

Our Signature Shogun Ice Cream

Try our new "Golden Shogun" matcha soft serve! We have teamed up with a luxury gold leaf brand to bring you the best matcha soft serve topped with the finest 23.75K gold!
Come and enjoy our matcha in a new, luxurious way!

Golden Matcha Ice Cream
<< SHOGUN >> $9.50

Our Products

Using the finest quality Japanese Matcha, we strive to deliver delicious treats for you!

Sit back and enjoy premium matcha in one of our world famous Matcha Lattes rich in antioxidants and featuring a full bodied taste that you will enjoy everytime.

Our most loved menu item, made with the highest quality Japanese Matcha, this Matcha Ice Cream looks and tastes amazing and can be topped with delicious mochi!

Thirst quenching and refreshing, our Matcha Shaved Ice is a tried, tested, and true customer favorite that fans love to top with red bean, mochi, and more.

Kokuto Gelatin

All products use kokuto (or brown sugar), which is a popular sweetener in Japan.

It contains many minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, and zinc. Drinks with brown sugar offer a taste like no other. Definitely give these a try!

Try our Kokuto Gelatin today!

You can add Kokuto Gelatin to any of our Matcha selections including our popular Matcha Latte.

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Serving Ice Cream

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Enjoy Premium Matcha Ice Cream in Markham!

Come by our shop located at 2nd Floor Food Court in the famous Pacific Mall.


Pacific Mall
2nd Floor Food Court
Heritage Village

4300 Steeles Avenue East
Markham L3R 0Y5
Ontario, Canada


Now Hiring



We are now hiring for our Pacific Mall Markham Location.

Please e-mail your resume to

Key areas of responsibility:
• Serve customers efficiently with food and drink orders and take payments.
• Assist in preparation of cafe and counters before, during and at the end of service.
• Offer customers amazing standards of customer service and care.

The role includes:
• Demonstrating the highest standards of customer welcome and care when assisting customers at the counter.
• Giving advice, guidance and recommendations on products and menu selection to customers to ensure a positive experience and repeat business.
• Ensuring adequate stock levels of supplies and consumables for café area, managing orders and stock rotation.
• Managing queues and meeting customer expectations, upsell to maximise profit.
• Keeping the areas tidy and clean.
• Handling customer complaints in the first instance and reporting feedback to the Managers.
• Working within established guidelines and operating procedures.
• Responsible for security (product and cash), taking payments accurately and be vigilant for shoplifters and fraudulent credit cards etc.
• Keeping up to date with special promotions and creating displays.
• Ensuring compliance with all legislations (e.g. health and safety) and food hygiene.

The personal skills that is required for the job:
• Having a friendly and engaging personality, a good communicator, able to work under pressure.
• Comfortable working with members of the public, able to initiate conversations and provide a sincere welcome and enjoy providing good service.
• Need to be willing to learn, take instruction and work under own initiative, supporting other team members and able to multitask.
• Assistants will be on their feet for most of the day and capable of lifting up to 30 lbs.
• You should have a comprehensive understanding of the menu and have a keen interest in local food and drink.
• An effective, well organised and efficient team player with a strong sense of discipline and urgency.
• Knowledge of till operation and cash handling.
• Excellent standards of personal presentation, smart appearance and articulate.
• Previous experience in a café/ice cream shop will be advantageous.
• Capable of speaking fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese are preferable.
• Punctuality is important.
• Allow management to perform social media and criminal checks. 



Pacific Mall

2nd Floor Food Court
Heritage Village

4300 Steeles Avenue East
Markham L3R 0Y5
Ontario, Canada


Matcha Ice Cream Markham

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